Delivery and Set - Sell Your Palm

Delivery and Set

Treemart has a fleet of five boom trucks and a utility crane to assist the customer in deliveries and setting of trees and palms in pre-dug holes or off loaded at jobsite. With 20 years in the business selling landscape supplies to the landscape industry, owner Scott Bailey seems to have figured out what landscapers need:  "Service is the Treemart Difference, prompt, reliable, and experienced".

Part of that service includes helping landscapers install larger trees without the bother of coordinating heavy equipment to the jobsite.

There are times when your equipment is tied up on another job, is insufficient to complete the task, or you just plain haven't purchased a loader or bobcat for the business because you don't have use for one often enough. Treemart has several boom trucks available on a daily basis for this purpose.

Very often we send out a delivery of mulch, B&B palms from small to enormous, landscape boulders and so on. If we sell it and you don't want to manhandle it, we start setting items off the truck or in a pre-dug hole for just $10. We also have a stinger crane that has an extended boom for those hard to reach areas, or extremely heavy trees.

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Sell Your Palm

Here at Treemart we are always looking for specific specimen quality palm trees, and on occasion we may purchase palms from homeowners. If you have a palm tree that you want to sell please see the following pictures to verify you have one of the varieties shown. You can email a photograph to us at and we will respond at our earliest convenience. Please note that if we do purchase your palm we will need access to the area via boom truck. If you do not have digital photographs you can mail or drop by with photographs. Please do not request us to come out and look at your palm.

We only buy in the state of Florida and only the varieties pictured below.