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Dactylifera-Medjool, also known as the “King of Dates,” is a premium quality date fruit that is highly sought after for its rich and luxurious taste.

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Our Dactylifera-Medjool product is carefully cultivated and harvested to produce the highest quality dates with a soft and chewy texture, a sweet and caramel-like taste, and a rich source of essential nutrients. These dates are ideal for snacking, baking, or as an ingredient in your favorite recipes. Our Dactylifera-Medjool dates are available in various sizes and packaging options, and are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Order your Dactylifera-Medjool dates today and experience the decadent taste and health benefits of the “King of Dates.”

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8' c.t., 9' c.t., 10' c.t., 12' – 20' c.t., 21' – 25' c.t., 26' – 32' c.t.

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