Field Grown


We offer a variety of field grown Palms including Sylvesters, Washingtomia, Royal Palms, Canaries, Queen Palm, Adonideas, Reclinata, Arecas, Chinese Fan, Windmill, Pandanus, Sabals, Coconut, Ribbon, and European Fan.  Contact one of our sales representatives for more information and availability.



We offer a number of Collected Palm varieties including those identified below.  Just hover over each photo for specifics. Contact one of our sales representatives for more information.



We keep a large selection of medjool palms in stock at all times as well as bringing in truck loads for larger orders.  The palms are trimmed at time of planting to ensure the fresh cut look.  These date palms give a very majestic and matching look for both commercial and residential projects.

More Medjools



We have many varieties, call your Treemart sales representative for more information!

One of a Kind


On March third of 2006 while on a buying trip to California, Scott was shown a field of Medjools. Hidden among the tall straight palms was a palm that has been overlooked for years. We speculate that it fell over as a smaller tree and just grew the easiest way and formed a perfect circle. We immediately begin negotiating and figuring the best way to truck it in to Florida. Meanwhile we get to go on a great dune buggy trip through the desert.

Wide Variety


We carry a wide variety of Palms. Contact one of our sales representatives for more information!