On March third of 2006 while on a buying trip to California, Scott was shown a field of Medjools. Hidden among the tall straight palms was a palm that has been overlooked for years. We speculate that it fell over as a smaller tree and just grew the easiest way and formed a perfect circle. We immediately begin negotiating and figuring the best way to truck it in to Florida. Meanwhile we get to go on a great dune buggy trip through the desert.

After months of negotiations, working out freight logistics, and e-mailing photos to resorts, theme parks, and restaurants we finally received the palm on November 21st 2006. After carefully unloading the palm we placed it in our yard and set it up for display.

After a few tries and lots of brainstorming we set it with boulders to prop the head.

Because we could not put the boots back on we left it natural until it was sold. On March 13th 2007 it was sold and we removed the boots, giving it a nice new look.

And on March 17th 2007, we loaded it up for its final destination. The tree now sits at a residence and is enhancing the beauty of a poolscape.