Mulches and Soils


Have you ever noticed that the big Landscape companies are using bagged mulch?  There is a reason for that.  They have done cost analysis and have realized that in the long run bagged mulch is less expensive than bulk mulch when you add in all the factors.  

Here is why:


  1. No need to tarp.
  2. No debris flying off trailer.
  3. Easy to load on the front of your trailer, and helps with tongue weight.
  4. No waste, bagged mulch does not fall through the holes in the trailer.
  5. Easy to divide up between different crews on a large job.

More Efficient

  1. Less cleanup on job site, just throw away the bags.
  2. Able to offload by tossing bags out of the trailer to targeted areas to be mulched.
  3. Using a wheelbarrow is faster when loading and unloading bags versus shoveling mulch in and out of a wheelbarrow.
  4. Pouring mulch from a bag is very accurate for bedlines and around plants.
  5. Using a wheelbarrow is not necessary with bagged mulch. ( If your wheelbarrow is not present or broken it will not stop production).

Cost Effective

  1. Storage of unused mulch is easier which will lead to less waste and here is why.  If you estimate a job at 10 yards of mulch and buy 10 yards of bulk mulch you will most likely use it all so as to not haul it around or have to store it.  Now if you buy 10 yards of bagged mulch and after mulching the job you realize you only needed 9 yards you will bring your 9 leftover bags back to your yard and use them on another job.
  2. Bagged mulch stays fresh and dry and is easy to handle.
  3. Less wasted labor.  All crew members can carry and distribute mulch verses stand around time while waiting for wheelbarrows to be loaded and unloaded.

Easy Conversion

  1. 9 bags of 3 cubic foot mulch equals 1 cubic yard of mulch at 3″ deep.
  2. 14 bags of 2 cubic foot mulch equals 1 cubic yard of mulch at 2″ deep.

The cost difference on purchasing bulk mulch is minimal compared to the labor you will save during loading, transportation, unloading, clean up and waste.