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local family-owned garden center

Tampa’s fastest growing retail and wholesale garden center that supplies a variety of different plants for only ornamental gardens, for pollinator gardens, edible gardens, basically a one-stop shop supplying a good variety.  Our knowledgeable staff is here to provide exceptional service and assist you every step of the way. Experience our commitment to sustainability and let us help you create a greener Tampa Bay.

Service is the Treemart Difference

We carry a wide variety of retail and wholesale palms. From field grown, including Sylvesters, Washingtonia, Royal Palms, Canaries, Queens Palms, Adonideas, Reclinata, Arecas, Chinese Fan, Windmill, Pandanus, Sabals, Coconut, Ribbon, Foxtail, Roebelenii, and more. TreeMart also offers a wide variety of trees, such as Citrus, Avocado, Banana, Magnolia, Cypress, Ligustrum, Maple, Live Oak, Red Cedar, and many more. Please contact one of our trained and experienced sales representatives for more information.

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TreeMart is a family-owned and operated nursery, located in the heart of Tampa Bay. Your one-stop shop, for all things landscaping. Established in 1987 and continues to provide Tampa residents and businesses with the area’s largest and freshest inventory around. We have the knowledge and the wherewithal to supply all your landscaping needs, from one and three-gallon plants to specimen-collected palms, to Oaks, and everything in between.




Inside our air-conditioned showroom, you’ll find the largest selection of gardening supplies and soils, to include organic materials


We carry a wide variety of retail and wholesale palms.


Come and view Tampa’s largest selection of the most beautiful, and fresh seasonal plants around, rotating with each season and holiday.

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ilies, pansies, and primroses. In summer, our inventory focuses on sunflowers, hydrangea, peonies, hibiscus, and roses.
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trees for sale


we’ve made it our goal to provide trees that are not only beautiful but also environmentally beneficial. Our trees have been carefully selected to provide the maximum benefits for your landscape.


From lush foliage to vibrant blooms, our container plants are hand-selected for their ability to thrive in pots, planters, or hanging baskets, transforming your balcony, patio, or windowsill into a living oasis.


Step into the realm of this versatile and enchanting plant with our incredible collection of bamboo varieties. Admire the beauty and grace of these fast-growing, eco-friendly wonders that have captivated cultures around the globe for centuries.


Whether you’re looking to add some tropical flair to your landscaping project or simply looking to stock your garden center, our extensive selection of palms is sure to meet your needs.


We offer a diverse collection of interior foliage to enhance your living space and improve air quality. Our carefully curated selection, ranging from low-maintenance succulents to tropical plants, ensures that you find the perfect green companions for your home.



Our collection, featuring expertly crafted shapes and sizes, caters to various landscaping preferences, from classic designs to contemporary creations.

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Are Tree farm carries the Largest Variety of Plants, Palms & Trees in Tampa Bay